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#IntlMHDay Twitter Relay Chat April 11, 2016 9AM – 3PM ET

Online / April 11, 2016

Join hosts Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) and USAID | Translating Research into Action (TRAction) on Twitter April 11, 2016 to discuss, “Equity Now: How elevating respect for women improves health for everyone.”

With your help, we hope to ignite a virtual dialog and raise awareness and support for respectful maternal care as it applies to women across the reproductive/maternal continuum (reproductive, maternal, and newborn care). 

Join the Twitter chat relay, and join CHANGE's segment on safe motherhood at 10 am ET

On Monday, April 11 at 10:00am-10:30am EST, we will be leading a discussion on Twitter on "The Right To Safe Motherhood." Join us on Twitter using #IntlMHDay.


Q6: What are some of the causes of maternal mortality and disability? #IntlMHDay #BreakBarriers

Q7: How can we #BreakBarriers to improving maternal health? #IntlMHDay

Q8: What #HumanRights violations are barriers to safe motherhood? #IntlMHDay #BreakBarriers

Q9: What does #maternalhealth care look like in the world we envision? #IntlMHDay #BreakBarriers

Q10: How can we make comprehensive, respectful, and rights‐based maternal health care available to all? #IntlMHDay #BreakBarriers

Follow #IntlMHDay  to join the conversation. 


● URC/TRAction @urcchs (9:00AM): Introduction "Health Equity in the News Today"

● USAID Scaling Up RMNCH+A Project (IPE Global, India) @USAID_RMNCHA  (9:30AM)

Topic: Comprehensive and Respectful maternal care at the time of childbirth

● CHANGE @genderhealth (10 AM)

Topic: The Right To Safe Motherhood

● Pathfinder International @PathfinderInt (10:30AM)

Topic: Rights­based family planning with maternal health

● PAI  @popact  (11AM)

Topic: Maternal health and youth/adolescent girls

● Ibis Reproductive Health @IbisRH (11:30AM) 

Topic: Unsafe Abortions in the Context of Maternal Health

● TRAction Project   @TRActionProject  (12:00 PM) 

Topic: Respectful Maternity Care across the Continuum

● EngenderHealth  @EngenderHealth  (12:30 PM) 

Topic:  Rights as an ends and means


Topic Maternal Health and HIV

● Pop Council  @Pop_Council (1:30PM) 

Topic: Ensuring delivery of quality maternal health care to foster good health outcomes

● American College of Nurse­Midwives @ACNMmidwives (2PM) 

Topic: Midwives improving maternal health around the globe

● USAID Global Health  @USAIDGH  (2:30PM) 

Topic: Quality, Respectful Maternity Care: Why It Matters