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Break the Barriers: Stand with Women and Girls Raped in Conflict or Crisis

Break the Barriers: Stand with Women and Girls in Conflict and Crisis,” is an education and advocacy campaign designed to raise awareness around the barriers to comprehensive health care – including access to safe, voluntary abortions services – for women and girls raped in crisis or conflict. The campaign, which calls on President Obama to issue an executive order guaranteeing U.S. support for comprehensive post-rape care, was launched during a special event in December 2013 at The National Press Club, which brought together policy experts and women from the global south to discuss this important issue.

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A collection of online conversations, photos, and news stories about “Break the Barriers.”

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Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng, Executive Director of Isis-WICCE in Uganda, speaks about the needs of women and girls affected by conflict.

CCTV News Story: African Women Rights activists urge the U.S to support abortions for rape victims

Break the Barriers Press Club Event

Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng

Act Now for Women and Girls


National Press Club Event, December 11, 2013

Liesl Gerntholtz (l) from Human Rights Watch listens to Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng (r), executive director of Uganda-based ISIS-WICCE, as she talks about how women are the center of development in Africa, emphasizing that Africa cannot be successful if the minds, bodies, and spirits of women are broken.

Justine Masika Bihamba, executive director SFVS - based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, discusses the need for access to safe and voluntary abortion services for women and girls raped in conflict, noting that after being raped, survivors often must walk hundreds of miles to access any post-rape services at all.

A packed house at the National Press Club.

Liesl Gerntholtz, executive director of the Women's Rights Division at Human Rights Watch talks about the immediate effects of executive leadership, which she said would free up money to provide needed services, training, and education.

CHANGE President Serra Sippel discusses the importance of executive leadership in guaranteeing U.S. support for comprehensive care - including access to safe and voluntary abortion services - for women and girls raped in crisis or conflict.